Hotels & Restaurants in the Altmühl Valley in Bavaria, Germany

Cheap accommodation and great food are available in small Altmühl Valley towns including Wolframs-Eschenbach, Gunzenhausen, Weißenburg, Pappenheim, and Eichstätt.

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The Altmühl Valley towns have pleasant hotels and restaurants at cheap prices. Chain hotels are far and few between in this beautiful part of Bavaria. It is worth using major internet hotel reservations to see what deals are available and to compare prices in the Altmühltal region but reservations are often best made directly with the hotels themselves.

Hotels & Restaurants in Wolfsram-Eschenbach in Bavaria, Germany

Gasthof Alte Vogtei is in a large, half-timbered building partly erected in 1370 by the Teutonic Order. The ceilings on the first floor are Gothic from around 1400 while those on the main floor are 16th-century Gothic. Many antiques are used in the hotel but the rooms have all modern comforts. The restaurant serves excellent local cuisine and international dishes in a variety of rooms. Prices are pleasantly low.

Gasthof Alte Vogtei, Hauptstraße 21, 91639 Wolframs-Eschenbach, tel 09875-97-000, fax 09875-970-070.

In complete contrast is the modern Gasthof-Hotel Sonne just outside the old town near the Oberes Tor. Rooms are modern and functionally furnished with bright wooden furniture. The restaurant serves Franconian cuisine.

Gasthof-Hotel Sonne, Richard-Wagner-Straße 2, 91639 Wolframs-Eschenbach, tel 09875-97-970, fax 09875-979-777.

Hotels & Restaurants in Gunzenhausen in Bavaria, Germany

The modern Parkhotel Altmühltal lies to the south of the old town. It has very comfortable, modern rooms. Guests may use the swimming pool and saunas for free. The Chicorée serves mostly international and nouvelle cuisine dishes.

Parkhotel Altmühltal, Zum Schießwasen 15, 91710 Gunzenhausen, tel 09831-5040, fax 09831-89-422.

Although the Hotel Blauer Wolf has a guesthouse tradition dating back to the 17th century, the present hotel has been completely refurbished in 2004 and is very modern. The comfortable rooms are bright and stylishly furnished. The whole hotel is non-smoking – a rarity in Germany. The equally modern Le Loup serves local and international dishes with a large steak selection.

Hotel Blauer Wolf, Marktplatz 9, 91710 Gunzenhausen, tel 09831-8900, fax 09831-890-200.

Gasthof-Hotel zur Post has been a guesthouse at the mail coach stop since 1656. Rooms are functionally furnished using mostly lightwood furniture. The restaurant with wooden floors, ceilings, and wood-paneled walls serves good Franconian and international cuisine at pleasantly low prices.

Gasthof-Hotel zur Post, Bahnhofstraße 7, 91710 Gunzenhausen, tel 09831-67-470, fax 09831-674-7222.

The DJH Gunzenhausen (Youth Hostel) opened a decade ago at the edge of the old town and just minutes from the lake. It is open year round but prior reservations are required from November to February.

DJH Gunzenhausen, Spitalstraße 3, 91710 Gunzenhausen, tel 09831-67-020, fax 09831-670-211.

Hotels & Restaurants in Weißenburg in Bavaria, Germany

Flair Hotel Am Ellinger Tor is partly in a 500-year-old half-timbered building in the north of the old town. Rooms, however, are modernly furnished with all modern comforts. The restaurant serves local and international cuisine with a large fish selection.

Flair Hotel Am Ellinger Tor, Ellinger Straße 7, 91781 Weissenburg, tel 09141-86-460, fax 09141-864-650.

Hotel-Restaurant Goldener Adler has been owned by the Pflaume family since 1881 but the building itself, adjacent to the Gothic Rathaus, dates from the 15th century. Rooms are functionally furnished and modern, although a few have exposed wooden beams. Local dishes are served in the rustic restaurant and beer garden.

Hotel-Restaurant Goldener Adler, Marktplatz 5, 91781 Weissenburg, tel 09141-85-560, fax 09141-855-633.

Hotels & Restaurants in Pappenheim in Bavaria, Germany

Hotel-Gasthof zur Sonne has large rooms with 1980s-style furniture. The cozy restaurant with terrace serves mostly Bavarian cuisine including local Altmühltal lamb specialties.

Hotel-Gasthof zur Sonne, Deisingerstr. 20, 91788 Pappenheim, tel 09143-83-140, fax 01943-831-450.

Hotels & Restaurants in Eichstätt in Bavaria, Germany

Hotel Adler is centrally located on the Market Square in a pink-and-white 17th-century Baroque house. Rooms are modern and comfortably furnished. The large studios are worth the slight surcharge.

Hotel Adler, Marktplatz 22, 85072 Eichstätt, tel 08421-6767, fax 08421-8283.

Hotel Sonne is a very pleasant hotel to the northeast of the old town. All the bedrooms are in a modern wing and are comfortable with either oak or cherry-wood furniture. Many rooms have balconies facing the garden. The partly vaulted restaurant serves hearty Franconian and Swabian dishes.

Hotel Sonne, Buchtal 17, 85072 Eichstätt, tel 08421-6791, fax 08421-89-836.

Quietly located, yet less than a 10-minute walk from the old town, is Hotel Schießstätte. From the outside, the hotel looks pretty conventional but inside it is very modern and very bright. The owners did not shy away from using colorful designer furniture and primary colors in the large and well-equipped bedrooms. It is located on a slight hill with views of the old town.

Hotel Schießstätte, Schießstättberg 8, 85072 Eichstätt, tel 08421-98-200, fax 08421-982-070.

The Monastery of St Walburg, a working nunnery to the north of the old town, operates a guesthouse. Although the main aim is visitors who seek quiet time for spiritual reflection, the hotel is open for all comers. The rooms are spartanly furnished but have comfortable beds, desks, and private bathrooms. Participation in religious ceremonies is entirely optional.

Monastery of St Walburg, Abtei St. Walburg, Marienhaus, Postfach 1142, Eichstätt, tel 08421-98-870, fax 08421-988-740.

Domherrnhof, Domplatz 5, tel 08421-6126, is on the second floor of a Late Baroque palace. The upmarket atmosphere of the restaurant is enhanced by authentic Rococo stuccowork. Food is mostly international and classical dishes. On the first floor, the atmosphere is more casual in the rustic Schänke that serves mostly regional dishes

The DJH Eichstätt (Youth Hostel) is around a 10-minute hike from the station and old town near the Willibaldsburg. It is closed during December and January.

DJH Eichstätt, Reichenaustraße 15, 85072 Eichstätt, tel 08421-980-410, fax 08421-980-415.

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